How To Earn Money With Apps in 2023? – Best Guide To Climb Up The Money Earning Ladder

In this article, We will find out How To Earn Money With Apps in 2023. A lot has changed since the release of both Smartphones and iPhones. The increase in the number of Mobile Apps and the popularity of these apps for these phones have given us the ability to Earn Money with Apps.

These Money Earning Apps are giving us a lot of opportunities to earn money at our fingertips and solve problems for people who are in dire need of money. Especially students who want to make some pocket money and improve their financial condition.

What is Money Earning Apps?

Money Earning Apps are apps that offer us opportunities to earn money conveniently which means we can make money whenever we want to. Due to the technological boom, Almost everyone can have access to the internet and smartphones which people use for a lot of purposes.

As these gadgets become widespread, People saw many advantages in this field and one of them was to create an app to make money online, and through that, everyone can have the opportunity to earn money. Various kinds of apps were developed, akin to different interests and preferences.

Types of Money Earning Apps

Types of Money Earning Apps

There are various types of Money Earning Apps today. These are Survey, Cashback, Microtask, Investment, Gig-economy, and Refer and Earn Apps.

  • Survey Apps: These are apps that companies develop to get feedback or thoughts from their customer about their services/products so they can improve them for their customers and they pay rewards/gifts or cash to complete these surveys.
  • Investment Apps: These are apps that allow users to trade stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, etc, and also manage their portfolios via smartphones.
  • Microtask Apps: Apps that allow users to perform small tasks like data entry, data annotation, app testing, etc., and earn money in the comfort of their homes.
  • Cashback Apps: These apps offer discounts, cashback rewards, or coupons to users when they make a purchase through their partner retailers. Especially, shopping online can save users a good amount of money.
  • Gig Economy Apps: Apps that help people get freelancing jobs as independent contractors that are part-time jobs rather than full-time.
  • Refer & Earn Apps: These apps allow users to share their referral links with friends, family, and community and in that process, users get a specific commission from these referral-based incentive apps.

How to Earn Money with Apps?

How to Earn With Apps
How to Earn With Apps

The following tips will help you understand How to Earn Money with Apps:

Choose the Right Earn Money App

The key to Earn Money with Apps is to find out which is the right one. You can do that by researching and selecting reputable apps according to your interest and skills.

There are various Money Earning App categories such as Gig Economy Apps, Cashback Apps, Refer & Earn Apps, Survey Apps, Microtasking Apps, and Investment Apps.

Choose Apps by researching their User Reviews, Payment methods & proofs, and High User Ratings before spending your time and effort.

Explore the Earning Options of the App

After Downloading, Installing from the trusted source, and Signing up and creating your account by completing all the details. Explore the app for various earning options, this may include completing surveys & tasks, microtasks, investments, rewards/cashback on purchases, and gig economy opportunities.

Set Clear Goals and Strategies

Define your financial goals and develop a roadmap to achieve them. Create your schedule on how much time you are going to spend on these money earning apps and set goals. A clear strategy will help improve your productivity and keep you focused and motivated.

Engage in Online Surveys

Engaging in an online survey is easy. You have to download the legitimate survey app and fill out all the details about yourself such as your interests, skills, Education details, etc. Completing your profile is important to get surveys.

After completing your profile, You will get surveys according to your profile. Just participate in those surveys and provide them with accurate and insightful answers. The better you perform the more you earn.

There are many companies that pay you rewards such as gift cards or even coupon cards and you also have a choice to get cash through wallets or other payment methods.

Cashback and Reward Apps

Whenever you make a purchase there is an option to apply for promo/coupon codes. These apps provide you with that code. They provide you with reward points, coupon codes, gift cards, or discounts when you make a successful purchase through their Affiliated partners.

This is one of the ways to earn money after purchasing a product you get certain cashback or reward cards. so if you make a purchase next time you can apply those cards or cashback points to save money.

There are some apps known as Reward Apps or Coupon apps that provide you with coupons or discount codes when you make a purchase and it saves you a lot of money.

Explore Microtasks Opportunities

After signing up for the Microtask app and completing your profile. Look for tasks that are suitable for you in the dashboard section. Some tasks require qualification tests so you must pass those tests to get a task and start earning some money.

Read the instructions for the task before you opt to do the task because it can help you to do the task correctly and in that process, you can improve your chances to earn more. These microtasks only pay you when you complete your tasks correctly so be careful while attempting.

Embrace the Gig Economy

Gig Economy apps are basically freelancing apps that provide you with part-time jobs or as independent contractors. Create a good portfolio and establish a competitive pricing structure to attract clients and build a solid reputation.

Show off your skills and talents to provide freelancing services through these apps. You may be good at programming, graphic designing, content writing, or translation, these apps can connect you with potential clients worldwide.

If you don’t have the right skills you can always learn them. Remember learning is Earning.

Explore Investment Apps

Investment Apps give us the opportunity to buy or sell company stocks and invest in mutual funds, ETFs, and Forex trading. Create your portfolio and find stocks or other investment materials that fit you.

Research about stuff that can give you much better ROI in time and buy them. You should first gain knowledge about the markets and companies before investing in them.

Refer and Earn Apps

You can create social media groups or join them and share these apps’ referral links to increase your chances of earning. Do it frequently to maximize your earnings.

Track and Cashout your Earnings

Monitor your progress in the app dashboard. These apps always have a minimum payout threshold so, when you reach that threshold, you can cash out your earning into your wallets or wire transfer directly to your accounts. These can become your good passive income or side hustle income sources.

Are Money Earning Apps Legit?

Yes, There are legit Money Earning Apps in the market. You should be able to know if they are legit or not just by one Google search. Legit apps have higher reviews and ratings. Just research the company first. Some Apps are government-approved, so you can also check for that.

Beware of fake earning apps they always tend to be more true and make claims that seem impossible. They make money from ads and will pay for some time but as their pocket gets filled they do not pay you or may even disable the app. Do not Sign up for apps that ask you for fees as survey and microtask apps are free to join.

Lists of Money Earning Apps

Here are some lists of Money Earning Apps that are legit:



Swagbucks is a widely-known Earn Money App that allows users to earn Cashback & rewards through various activities, such as completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and participating in daily polls.

It follows a point-based reward system which means you earn points for completing each task known as SB points. 100 SB = $1.00 in value, which you can redeem as gift cards, PayPal/Payoneer cash, or other exciting rewards.

The minimum Cashout for PayPal of $10.00 ie., 1000 SB points. You must Sign Up for your Swagbucks account with an email related to your PayPal account otherwise you won’t be able to cash out via PayPal. Though there are other options like gift cards, and Payoneer, Its minimum threshold is $52.00 which is really high.

It is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.

Google Opinion Rewards


Google offers its own survey app where you can participle in surveys, give valuable feedback on various topics, and earn some money. Google uses these opinions to improve their product and services.

Google pays rewards for each survey vary from 0.10 cents to $1.00 which you can redeem as Google Play credits or cash out via PayPal. They have an auto payout system for Cash out via PayPal at $2.00.

Please provide accurate information while signing up, and while completing surveys offer detailed and thoughtful feedback which gets you a chance to get high-paying surveys.

It is available for both Androids and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.



PaidViewPoint is one of the most legit paid survey apps which pays you for your opinions. It is a user-friendly platform that connects users to market research companies, allowing you to earn rewards for your valuable feedback.

They provide you with surveys according to your demographics and interests so fill up the details correctly. The second thing is they follow a ranking system they call is TraitScore, you have to build that score by continuously participating in surveys. They provide a survey every single day so don’t miss it, otherwise from next time They won’t provide surveys on that particular missing day.

They pay you $0.03 cents for every survey sometimes they give you a bonus survey where you can earn up to $0.30 cents. It has a payment threshold of $15.00 for 1st time Cashout, the 2nd-time threshold is lowered to $10.00, and from 3rd time onwards threshold reduces to $5.00.

Focus on increasing the TraitScore, it will increase your chances to get high-paying surveys. The app is only available for Android devices but it also has a website where you can Sign Up and earn for other devices. Click Here to Sign Up.



Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform where you can do microtask jobs and earn money. They work for the betterment of AI technology. They provide varieties of tasks like data annotation, Image labeling, Transcriptions, etc. Their requirement is basic language skills.

The Task is denoted to you according to what language you know. Some tasks require you to qualify for the test and they provide you with training as well so you do not need to worry. They pay you via PayPal, Papara, and Payoneer. The good thing is there is no minimum payout limit.

The App is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.



Clickworker is one of the most famous websites that provide micro jobs and surveys. Companies outsource their tasks to these click workers, who complete them based on their skills and availability.

Choose your tasks according to your interests as task availability is high on Clickworker. Tasks are refreshed every day so you don’t run out of tasks. More task means more money. Some tasks require qualification tests so read the instructions before taking qualification tests.

They have partnered with UHRS – Universal Human Relevance System which provides microjobs to clickworkers. You can join UHRS through vendors like Clickworker. Clickworker is available for both Android and ios devices. The minimum payout threshold is $10.00 via PayPay. Click Here to Sign Up.

Hive Micro


Hive Micro is also a microtask platform that allows you to earn money part-time from your home. They also provide you tasks on the basis of language skills, that is what language you know or can able to read and understand.

They offer tasks including data annotation, labeling, content categorization, image moderation, sentiment analysis, etc. They also have higher-paying tasks. Reading the Instruction is really important to qualify for the test. Once you qualify you can start earning.

Hive Micro App is Available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here for SignUp.



Fiverr is a Gig-economy app that helps freelancers to connect with their clients who are seeking specialized services. Here you can monetize your talent and skills by offering services to your client. You will join as a Seller as you are offering to do services while Your Client will be known as Buyers who will give you an order.

Identify a niche that you would like, learn about it, and create a compelling profile highlighting all the skills, talents, and experiences and offer services to your client by posting gigs, which include pricing and a description of your service. You can charge ranging from $5 to $ 1000. Focus on Improving your level and Gig optimization like Seo for your title, tags, and description so you can be visible to your clients, and attract them.

You will get paid once you completed and submitted your work. Payment methods are PayPal, Payoneer, Direct deposit, Bank transfer, or Credit to Fiverr Revenue Card. The minimum payout threshold may vary, and you may be charged withdrawal fees depending on the mode of transaction. Fiverr also charges 20% of your income.

Fiverr is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.



Upwork is another Gig-economy app that allows freelancers to connect with Clients. They also offer a variety of categories to choose from, but their joining process is different than Fiverr. Joining is on the basis of your profile so Create your profile with decency and include all your important information. Here Upwork team will review your profile and let you know about it, if rejected you can update your profile and reapply it.

In Upwork, you will have a limited number of “Connects” every month sort of credits that allow you to contact your clients. You have to submit a proposal by setting rates along with writing a cover letter to get a job on Upwork. You can increase your “Connects” count by paying a small sum for it. You will be paid hourly basis or per-project basis.

Payment methods are PayPal, Payoneer, Digital banks, Direct to Local banks, Wire transfers, M-Pesa, and Instant Pay for the US. Upwork charges only 10% of your income for every project when you get paid.

Upwork is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up. is one of the leading freelancing platforms where you can showcase your skills, talents, and expertise, Where you can connect with clients and thrive in your freelancing career. They have a vast array of opportunities to earn money and establish your professional reputation.

Create a compelling profile to attract quality clients and win projects. You can also participate in contests and benefit from them by earning money and gaining reviews on your profile. have a milestone payment system where your client sets funds aside for later payment once you have completed the project, but the payment can also be released for every task met by your client.

They charge a service fee of 10% of the income you earn. The payment methods are PayPal, Skrill, and Express Withdrawals with a minimum threshold of $30.00 with no withdrawal fee but for Wire Transfers minimum threshold is $500 and a $25 transaction fee. is Available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.



OctaFX is one of the leading trading platforms that offer traders cutting-edge technology and a wide range of financial instruments. It provides a suitable platform for both beginners and experienced traders to navigate through the financial market digitally.

The Platform offers transparency, innovation, and customer satisfaction in various ways. It includes a wide variety of tradable instruments such as commodities, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and more, which gives traders the advantage to explore different markets and diversify their portfolios.

OctaFX has robust trading platforms known as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 which have advanced charting tools, real-time market analysis, and a user-friendly interface. The minimum deposit is $25 with no commission fee which is a good thing for traders. They encourage monthly prizes to maintain the competitive spirit between users. They also have a copy-trading feature where users can copy the trading methods of successful traders.

The Payout methods are Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Dogecoin, Ethereum, India Local Banks, etc. with some minimum threshold limit. OctaFX is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.



Indmoney is one of India’s smart investment apps that allow users to manage their personal finances and make smart investment decisions for long-term financial growth. This app gives us control of our finances in the palm of our hand by providing us with solutions for investment management, financial planning, and wealth creation.

It is an all-in-one app that gives us access to track and manage almost all of our finances in just one app and that is interesting. It provides an overall view of our assets, liabilities, and investment. The platform analyzes our financial profile, risk tolerance, and investment goals to provide suitable investment options.

This app has a wide variety of investment approaches like SIPs, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stocks, etc. It also has a feature to connect to another financial app like Coinbase to track Cryptocurrencies. Sign Up and Create your portfolio for free. It charges a 0.05% brokerage fee for Indian Stocks and 0.75% of the deposit amount and a $5.00 withdrawal fee for US stocks. Minimum deposits for various investment avenues vary.

Indmoney is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.



Robinhood is one of the fintech company offers online brokerage with no commission fee. This company is approved by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), registered by the US Securities and exchange commission, and a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

The app features Stocks, Crypto, IRA, and other investing options. It also has a cash card system, a debit card with weekly bonuses that helps you invest as you spend, and also grants you cash back when you make a purchase with partnered brands. You can start investing in this app with a minimum of $ 1.00.

Robinhood offers real-time market data, price alerts, and a customized watchlist to help remain top-notch on your investments. Always keep yourself informed about news, market trends, and economic indicator, especially about companies that are in your portfolio.

Robinhood is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up. (US Only)



Groupon is a cashback and discount app. It offers a variety of deals on products, services, travel, and entertainment. Explore the exciting deals you want and use them during the shopping, and stay updated for the latest deals and promotions.

They offer cashback deals, promo codes, and discounts to their customers. Pay attention to the deals, and read their instructions about deals’ expiry dates or specific redemption instructions. Sometimes they offer additional promo codes or discounts on already discounted products or services so keep an eye on these promotional offers. Use these deals to save money.

You can save up to 70% on daily deals and up to 30% on Groupon+ restaurants. Link your Credit or Debit card and get the cashback. The App is available for both Android and ios devices. Click here to Sign Up.



Iobotta is a cashback app that offers real cash for both in-store and online purchases you make. It has partnered with more than 2700 brands and retailers to provide ways to earn cash for their customers. You will get cash from Iobotta when you purchase groceries, clothing, electronics, or wine and beer. Till now they have paid over $ 1.2 billion+ in cash rewards to their loyal customers.

Some offers require one to complete simple tasks such as watching a short video, taking a poll, or answering a survey question allowing you to earn additional cashback rewards on your purchase. There are 3 ways you can earn cashback from in-store purchases: Link your loyalty accounts of your favorite retailers during checkout, Choose a retailer, Add offers, and after the purchase submit the receipt photo in the app(within 7 days), purchase a retailer gift card and get cashback on the entire amount instantly within 24 hours.

For online purchases visit online retailers through the Iobotta app and make a purchase to get a cashback. You can cash out your cashback via PayPal, Gift cards, or direct to your bank. New Users will get a welcome bonus of $10.00 when they make a purchase of $30.00.

Iobotta is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up. (US Only)



Rakuten offers cashback to their shoppers when they make a purchase from their partnered retailers. They offer cashback on various categories such as restaurants, food delivery services, clothing, electronics, etc. They have over 3500+ retail stores & brands to provide cashback to their customers.

Till now they have paid over $ 3.7 billion cashback to their members. They have both in-store and online purchase services. You have to download the app or use the web, create an account, fill in all the details, select payment details for receiving cashback, and add your credit/debit card to your account.

You have to activate the cashback for the desired retail store before making a purchase on the platform. After confirming the purchase from the retail store they will credit the cashback to your account. You can get your cashback to your PayPal or get a “Big Fat Check” when you surpass the threshold of $5.00.

They will give you a welcome bonus of $10.00 to new users when they make a purchase of $25.00 within 90 days.

Rakuten is available for both Android and ios devices. Click Here to Sign Up.

Almost all the above Money Earning Apps have a refer and earn system as well, so you can earn by sharing with your friends and families except Hive Micro.

Pros and Cons of Money Earning Apps

Pros and Cons of Money Earning Apps
Pros and Cons of Money Earning Apps

Every Money Earning Apps have some pros and cons that we are going to discuss here:


  • You have the opportunity to earn extra income by completing surveys, tasks, or offers.
  • You can get a lot of flexibility such as completing the task or surveys at your own pace, and work from anywhere.
  • Availability of a wide range of earning options.
  • You can save money during purchases, grow your wealth sitting on your couch, and have flexible earning opportunities.
  • There are some Microtask apps where you have a higher potential for earning and higher task availability.


  • Earning on these apps is time-consuming, especially for survey apps and microtask apps.
  • You may encounter no, less, or limited availability of these tasks, and surveys and Earning potential are low.
  • Some apps are country specific.
  • Tasks may be repetitive and have to lot of tasks to earn your threshold amount.
  • Potential to encounter scam apps and high competition on microtask apps.

Even though they have cons choosing the right Money Earning Apps is the key to overcoming these obstacles.


Despite having so many fake Money Earning Apps, there are still many legit Money Earning Apps that you want to know about. The above apps are legit and can pay you a good amount of money if you are consistent and give time. Though I would recommend looking at these apps as a part-time earning source.

As the earning is less but gig economy apps and some microtask apps have the availability of tasks where you can earn the most out of all these apps. The investment apps also offer huge wealth but it needs investment and takes time to build that kind of wealth. Think of these as passive income as well as active income. Active income because of the forex trading system.

Most of the survey apps provide you with cashback and rewards as well. This is How To Earn Money With Apps is 2023. Now, There are various Money Earning Apps out there we just have to find them and try them out.

Tips: Keeping the maximum number of these types of Money Earning Apps on your smartphone will help you Earn even more.

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Do Apps Earn Money?

Yes, They do earn money from ads, sponsorships, in-app purchases, and Affiliate marketing.

How Much Can I Earn From Apps?

You can Earn a minimum of $5 – $1000 a month from these apps. Remember these apps are not going to fully sustain your house requirements, especially survey and task apps but there are Gig and some microtask apps where you can earn a lot.

Can I Earn Daily From the Apps?

Yes, You can Earn Daily from these Apps minimum of a few cents to $10 or even more depending on how much time you want to spend on these apps. Go for MicroTasks or Gig Economy Apps they pay you well.

What are some of the best Money Earning Apps?

MRewards, Earn Easy(Referral = pxTvnU3V), Tapcent, Timebucks.

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