Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023

Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023 will really be an additional help to your income as you all know the inflation is high now, and who doesn’t want to have an extra income on your side to fulfill your living comfort?

In this article, I will tell you how?

First, We will learn about What Affiliate Marketing is and so on.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where people join an Affiliate program and then get the promotion link of the product/business and promote them on various platforms and get commission on clicks, leads, downloads, and sales.

Affiliate Marketing is appealing to businesses because it is low cost, takes less effort and time, it guarantees a high return on investment. It also helps businesses to fulfill their marketing objectives, and benefits affiliates to earn passive income.

Various methods that Affiliate Marketing follows:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): As the name suggests, you get your commission when people click on your link.
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL): You get your commission when people sign up through your link.
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS): You get a commission when people buy through your link.
  • Pay Per Download (PPD): When people download through your link you get your share.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are different types of Affiliate Marketing among them these are the core of all those kinds:

  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing: In this type of Affiliate Marketing, there is no connection between affiliates’ niche and the products or services they are promoting nor do they possess any related skill or expertise and do not have any authority. So Affiliate Marketer simply uses Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other Ads platforms.
  • Related Affiliate Marketing: In this type of Affiliate Marketing, there is a connection between affiliates’ niche and the products or services they are promoting. Affiliates basically use their audiences in his/her particular niche to generate traffic and influence due to their expertise in that particular niche which makes them a trusted source. However, they do not claim the use of the product/services.
  • Recurring Affiliate Marketing: In this type of Affiliate Marketing, Affiliates get a commission from programs/networks where a customer pays for monthly billing or subscriptions. Examples such as SEO Tools, Web Hosting, etc.
  • Involved Affiliate Marketing: In this type of Affiliate Marketing, Affiliates have a deep connection with the products/services they are promoting, as they have used the products/services personally and have experienced it. They promote products/services as a recommendation and it makes them a trusted source but if some problem arises from the offering it may affect their reputation.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works

The process starts when an Affiliate joins an Affiliate Program and gets a link to promote.

Steps on How Affiliate Marketing Works:

  • Find and Join the Affiliate Program
    • In this step, You just choose which Affiliate Program is best for you and join it.
    • Choose which product is best according to your niche to promote.
    • Obtain the generated unique link/code to promote.
  • Adding your Link to online platforms
    • After obtaining the link, Copy & Paste the link where you want to promote the product.
    • The most common places to promote your products are Blogs and Social Media.
  • Customer Clicks on your link
    • When people click on your Affiliate links, it creates a tracking cookie in the user’s browser, that will alert the merchant which affiliate brings the customer.
    • The cookie will be stored on the user’s browser for a limited amount of time if the user/customer buys the product before it expires you get the commission.
    • Different Affiliate Marketers have different amounts of time for their cookies which can last from 24 hours to 10yrs.
  • The customer visits the merchant’s website and buys the product
    • Once the customer clicks on the Affiliate link, they will be redirected to Merchant’s website.
    • If the customer makes a decision to buy the product and makes the purchase. The Merchant’s system gets alerted.
    • Sometimes the customer doesn’t make a purchase right away and will come back later.
  • The Affiliate Tracking System records the purchase
    • When a customer makes a purchase the Affiliate Tracking system tracks the details of the purchase.
    • It will also track which Affiliate will be credited with the sale. When a customer clicks on a single affiliate link it is easy to recognize.
    • Things get trickier when a customer clicks on multiple affiliate links before making a purchase.
    • It depends on Affiliate Marketers, are they following the last click or first click model?
    • The last click model is where a click is the most recent and gets the sale. The First click model is whoever gets the customer first to the merchant website gets credited.
  • Purchase is Validated by the Merchant
    • In this step, the Merchant verifies if the purchase is valid or not.
    • Sometimes an Affiliate makes the purchase through his own affiliate links which doesn’t count as a valid sale.
  • You Receive a Commission
    • Once the purchase is verified by the Merchant, The transaction will be credited to your Affiliate account.
    • Sometimes the payout is instant and sometimes you have to wait for 30 – 60 days for the payout.
    • Sometimes there is a minimum payout threshold ie. you have to reach the threshold amount to receive your commission. The threshold amount depends on the Merchant ranging from $5 to $100.

Where can I do Affiliate Marketing?

You can do Affiliate Marketing in various ways:

  • Instagram: By Creating Insta Pages according to your niche and creating posts/reels related to that particular product.
  • Facebook: Create Facebook Pages related to your niche and create posts/videos related to the product you want to promote.
  • Youtube: Create Youtube shorts/videos about the product and promote them.
  • Pinterest: Create Pins related to your niche and promote the related product.
  • Blog: Write content related to your niche and promote the related product.
  • Whatsapp/Telegram Groups: Create an audience group that likes your niche and share the promotion link.

Best Platforms to Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023


  • You can make videos related to your niche and easily convey to your audience about the pros and cons of the product and this can build your trust with your audience.
  • Create Product Review Videos or tutorials.


  • Write content about your niche and explain to your audience why the product is useful for them.
  • Act as a guide for them about the product and recommend the products which will be better for them.

Email Marketing

  • Alert your audience with notifications about your new content related to the product, recommend products, and offers that your audience will like, or regular updates.
  • Email marketing increases your chances to make a sale or get a lead.

Best Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing

Best Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing in 2023

The best ways to Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023 are:

Focus on Target traffic

You need to have an audience that will likely be interested in buying the product.

Select the product which has an active market or is in a trend.

Write or make an in-depth video about the product you are promoting that is most effective.

Treat your audience as if you are one of them and advise them. Do not just focus on promoting give them a piece of valuable information.

Choose High Selling products

Do not try to promote anything without doing research about the product and is not related to your niche.

Choose the product which sells or which is in demand otherwise, you will have to bring a lot of traffic to your content for the sale.

Choose High Commission Products

Selecting high-commission products increases your earning potential which means a few numbers of sales can fill your pocket.

Also, look for products that give you recurring commission and Earning Per Click (EPC) products, these are good sources to earn passive income. Sometimes people just don’t buy the product but definitely they wanna check them. So EPC really helps you earn commission it increases your earning chances.

The best practice is to always cloak your affiliate link with some URL shortener.

What to Expect from Affiliate Marketing?

This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme, you won’t succeed overnight. It is not as easy as it seems. You need to have patience, be diligent and consistent, and be willing to persevere.

You need to create good content to convey to your audiences to make sales. It depends on how your audience is engaging with the content and how much traffic you are getting to make the first sale.

Once you make the first sale it will definitely motivate you to give your all.

“Success in affiliate marketing is not just about selling products, it’s about the determination to learn, the courage to take action, and the persistence to keep going even when faced with challenges. Embrace the power of possibility, believe in your potential, and let your passion drive you to achieve greatness. Remember, every click, every conversion, and every commission brings you one step closer to realizing your dreams. Keep pushing forward, stay focused, and watch as your efforts turn into a life-changing journey of success.”

How can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023?

You definitely need some knowledge about the product and the demand for the product in the market to Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023. You need to learn which method works and which does not while promoting products.

Figuring out what process works best for you takes time and patience. Creating valuable content that will rank on the Internet, and Taking some Affiliate Marketing Courses to learn new methods are always the best thing you can do to improve yourselves.

Focus on the product that is in demand, Understanding the marketing needs and desires, and trying to reach large audiences will help you Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023.

Use Several Traffic sources to send more traffic toward your sales page/video will increase your chances of Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023.

You can use methods like paid advertising, free advertising, email marketing, and article marketing. For paid ads, you can use Google Ads, and for free ads use Craigslist or US Free ads. If you have PPC or EPC affiliate link, you get paid for every click even though the customer won’t buy the product.

For Article marketing, websites like Ezine Articles, Medium, Warrior Forum Etc. can be used to promote your product as they have high search engine rankings.

For Email Marketing, You can embed an email subscription for website visitors.

Selecting the Right Advertiser is also important because if you promote a product and a customer is dissatisfied after purchasing the product it will affect your credibility and reputation.

Using Tools to plan your campaign will be much better, it will let you conduct market and competitor research and also track and convert ad campaigns.

Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023 with these Affiliate Programs:

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

No, You can still Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023. According to the statistics,

  • 80% or more brands run Affiliate Marketing.
  • Affiliate Programs generate 15% – 30% of revenue for the Companies/Advertisers.
  • Approximately 79 out of every 100 marketing enthusiasts rely on the prowess of affiliate marketing to engage with their ever-loyal customer base.
  • In the realm of customer acquisition, a resplendent 40% of US merchants have crowned affiliate marketing as their foremost channel of conquest.
  • A remarkable majority, surpassing 85% of visionary marketers, anticipate an inevitable surge in the boundless revenue that awaits them through the realm of affiliate marketing.
  • For 40% of digital entrepreneurs, the mastery of affiliate marketing stands as an essential prowess.
  • The exponential rise of affiliate marketing expenditure can be witnessed through its astounding 27% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).


Affiliate Marketing is still a profitable business model, and we have seen from the statistics it will only grow in 2023. So it’s safe to say you can still Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023.

Beware of fraud in the online market, especially in Affiliate marketing. As you know, Everything has pros and cons. While looking for an Affiliate Program, Research the program, Check its reviews, and How it pays you. Talk to people who already joined the program.

At times it will seem hard or unprofitable but if you remain persistent, and always try to learn from your mistakes, You will Succeed. It will build you a good source of passive income and a good start to making money online. Even more than your Full Time job.

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How much can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing in 2023?

The Income may vary from $100 – $100,000. It depends on your effort, time, and what kind of product you are marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate Marketer is a person who joins the Affiliate Program and gets a commission for promoting the company’s product.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Business?

Yes, It is a performance-based online business where an Affiliate has to promote a product to targeted audiences and earn Affiliate income.

Can you Start Affiliate Marketing with no money?

Yes, there are many free affiliate programs where you can just join, obtain a promo link and start promoting on Social media, or Community Groups. You just need to have an online presence.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Digital Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing comes under Digital Marketing, Though in terms of reach Digital Marketing is really huge.

Does Affiliate Marketing cost money?

No, Affiliate Marketing does not cost money to join Affiliate Programs. It is free. You just have to join the Affiliate program and promote the product on online platforms.

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